why solana cryptocurrency is surging , where to buy solana nfts

Does Solana crypto have potential?

According to CoinPriceForecast’s latest long-term projection, the price of Solana (SOL) will reach 137 USD in mid-2022 and 155 US dollars by the end of the year. Instead, according to Gov Capital, the price of Solana (SOL) will be potential enough to reach 587 USD by the end of 2022.6 days ago

What is so good about Solana crypto?

What makes Solana unique? The biggest draws of Solana are its fast and cheap transactions. It’s reportedly able to handle 65,000 transactions per second, and the average cost per transaction is $0.00025. Solana is able to do that because it uses proof of history, a unique algorithm to validate transactions.Apr 28, 2022

Is Solana as good as Ethereum?

Ethereum wins the game because they have been in the market since 2014, when Solana just entered the market in 2020, and they also prefer maintaining more transparency than Solana.Apr 21, 2022

Is Solana a good cryptocurrency to buy?

It has become increasingly popular among traders and one of the most sought-after crypto assets by medium to long-term investors. These, and the majority of crypto analysts, are confident that Solana token prices will continue growing, which makes it worth buying today.May 13, 2022

Can I buy NFTs with Solana?

The good news for people who want to get involved with buying NFTs right now is that Solana is making it a lot easier for anyone to jump in. You can avoid the congestion and rising fees of Ethereum-based platforms and still start developing a decent NFT collection.

What platform are NFTs sold on?

Enjin. Enjin Marketplace is an official one for all the Enjin-based NFTs. You can buy, sell, and trade all the Enjin-based blockchain assets on this platform. People use Enjin wallets for listing and purchasing different gaming collectibles and digital items.

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