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Is Jalen Duren injured?

Impact Duren has missed the last two games due to a hand injury, but he has a chance to return Saturday. Landers Nolley (knee) is also warming up, but it’s unclear if either player has any intention of suiting up.

Why is Jalen Duren not playing?

As he and Davis both came to the floor, Duren braced his fall with both hands, which forced him from the game. Duren remained on the floor for more than two minutes. He walked off the floor under his own power. According to the ESPN2 broadcast, Duren injured his left hand on the play.Mar 12, 2022

Will Jalen Duren leave Memphis?

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Memphis Tigers freshman Jalen Duren became the third Tigers men’s basketball player to leave the team in as many days, telling ESPN he’s declaring for the NBA Draft Monday. According to ESPN, Duren will sign with sports agent Chafie Fields, which prohibits him from returning to NCAA competition.Apr 18, 2022

What happened to emoni Bates?

In August, Bates announced that he was reclassifying into the 2021 class, making him eligible for competition in the 2021-22 college basketball season. He made public his four options of Memphis, Oregon, Michigan State or the freshly-formed Overtime Elite G League Squad.May 4, 2022

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